Dr.  Al Rezaei DDS, DMD

Best Dentist in Las Vegas NV

Dr. Rezaei is our lead dentist at Millennium Dental in Las Vegas, and he is equipped with his excellent brand of sterling experience and expertise. His excellence in dentistry is recognized in the industry as a trailblazing leader of innovation. He uses cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art methods to ensure that his patients exude radiance and vitality with their healthy smiles.

As a member of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and the Associate Fellow of American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), he has earned a commendable reputation for providing care through his professional achievements and dedication to continuous learning. His use of advanced technology and expertise inspires patients looking to improve their well-being.

Dr Rezaei’s commitment to educating patients at Millennium Dental is crucial in his practice. His strong belief and principles based on the importance of knowledge in preventing health issues further make him stand out among other dentists in the industry.  

Keeping his patients informed about their health and treatment options is a priority for our lead dentist. His genuine passion for dentistry is clearly evident through his pursuit of knowledge and skills development, instilling confidence in his patients regarding his capabilities.

Dr. Rezaei’s dental career journey started in 1998 after he earned his DMD degree from the School of Dentistry at the Ukrainian National Medical University in Kyiv. He honed his skills further by completing his DDS degree at the University of Colorado in Denver for ten years in 2008.

Throughout his studies, Dr. Rezaei consistently strived for excellence, firmly believing in excelling in all areas of life. His academic achievements reflect his expertise and serve as a source of confidence for patients.

Dr. Rezaei’s genuine passion for dentistry shines through every interaction, forming connections and relationships of goodwill with his patients. He treats them with care, respect, and compassion, ensuring they feel valued and at ease while under his care.

With brilliant and trailblazing dental expertise honed from  2012 to 2022, Dr Rezaei is an expert continually honing his craft in the industry.  His dedication to learning goes beyond requirements,  stemming from a passion for continuous growth and improvement.

Doctor of Dental Surgery — University of Colorado

Continuing Education Certificate of Attendance

Associate Fellow — The American Academy of Implant Dentistry



(Seyed) Al Rezaei

  • DMD — 1998 Kyiv, Ukraine
  • DDS — 2008 Denver,CO
  • FAGD
  • Associate Fellow AAID
  • Business Owner, founder of Millennium Dental — Las Vegas, NV
Courses & Seminars
  • 2012 Implant Seminars — Arun Garg
  • 2013 Shatkin Mini Dental Implants
  • 2014–2016, Implant Direct Passport Courses
  • 2016 Karl Misch — Prosthetic Module
  • 2017 GDIA — Tijuana Course
  • 2018 Glidewell Lab Implant Courses
  • 2019 Zest LODI Course
  • 2023 ABOI Fellowship Prep Course
  • 2022–2024 Implant Direct Passport Courses